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June-December: Indoor/Outdoor Speed & Agility Training
January-March: Training, Practice & Games

At Long Island Storm Lacrosse, we’re all about the children who play lacrosse with us. We like to think that besides creating great physically fit lacrosse players, that we are also building their character and self confidence. To insure that we always keep our focus on the needs of our players, we became a non-profit 501 c 3 organization, one of the few non-profit lacrosse organizations in NYS.

We’re all about the kids, and we’re proud to say that every year — approximately 90% of our graduating high school players are accepted to D-I, D-II, and D-III colleges with athletic scholarships.

Long Island Storm Lacrosse
has three lacrosse youth teams for boys, organized by age:

  • Ages 12 years old — to — 13 years old
  • Ages 14 years old — to — 15 years old
  • Ages 16 years old — to — 17 years old

Long Island Jaydogs Lacrosse has lacrosse teams for boys & girls, organized by teams at age groups from 2nd grade through 6th grade.

Besides playing in lacrosse games and tournaments, we teach the rules and strategies of the game, provide coaching and practice games, agility and speed training, and more.

Membership fees are on an annual basis at a cost of $ 1,000. This annual membership fee pays for: administrative fees, the coaching staff, use of indoor/outdoor facilities and playing fields, and tournament registration fees. Player’s families are responsible for travel to and from games & tournaments, meals, hotel lodging, (when necessary), and required uniforms and equipment.

HOWEVER... FIRST TIME Long Island Storm Lacrosse players will receive, at NO ADDITIONAL COST, a helmet, gloves, gear backpack, and a Long Island Storm Lacrosse uniform.

To register, please go to our APPLICATION Page, print and fill out the form and mail to our postal address. See methods of payment, also on the APPLICATION Page.

Frank V. Sammartano
Director and Founder

Frank founded the Long Island Storm in 2000 after coaching many years with the Long Island Metro Lacrosse Foundation. He has coached in various High Schools in Nassau County, he also coached at Farmingdale University. Frank has been coaching youth lacrosse both in Nassau and Suffolk Counties for well over 35 years. He moved to Jericho in 1981 along with his wife Martha and started asking why there was no Lacrosse in their school district. After being told by various community members and school officials the community was too small for lacrosse as they had other sports. Frank in 1992 along with a couple other lacrosse minded community members formed the Jericho Lacrosse Club, (which is the Mother corporation for the Long Island Storm and Jaydogs). In 1995 the Jericho Middle School started the first lacrosse teams. Now the Lacrosse Clubs has 12 teams both boy’s and girl’s and the School district has both boy’s and girl’s teams in the Middle and High School.

Information and directions pertaining to our regular lacrosse playing fields can be found on our FIELD LOCATIONS Page.

For all other timely information, Playing Schedule, Scores, etc. — please visit our FACEBOOK page.

If you have questions or need further information, you may contact Long Island Storm Lacrosse by visiting our CONTACT US page.

Thank you.

Long Island Storm Lacrosse and Jaydogs Lacrosse are a DBAs under the
Jericho Lacrosse Club. Jericho Lacrosse Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.